Shop: Small Black and Red Jug

Small Black Jug with Orange-Red Stripes/Accents. For Sale on Etsy, $20. About 5 inches tall. Mouth has a diameter of a little more than half an inch. Body has diameter of about 3.25 inches. Body and neck are striped with indentations. Edges and stripes are accentuated with a rusty red color. Beautiful natural glaze patterns!… Continue reading Shop: Small Black and Red Jug


Shop: Miniature Carved Jug Vase

Small, Freckled Vase with Tree Carving. For Sale on Etsy, $10. Mouth of pot is about an inch in diameter, and fades to a warm golden color. Body of pot is about 3.5 inches in diameter. Vase was wheel thrown and carved. Underglaze was inlaid to the carving pre-bisque. Tree carving on front half of pot. -Stoneware… Continue reading Shop: Miniature Carved Jug Vase

Shop: Wood Fired Amber Mug with Black Designs

Amber Wood Fired Freckled Mug. For sale on Etsy; $15. Interior and top half of exterior of the mug are freckled amber celadon glaze. Bottom of the mug is raw clay with black underglaze. Mug was thrown on potter's wheel, with a pulled handle and carved. Underglaze was inlaid into carvings. After bisque firing, mug… Continue reading Shop: Wood Fired Amber Mug with Black Designs