Piece: Mechanize

"Mechanize" 4"x8"x8" Paperclay Low Temperature Glaze


Piece: I Pray

"I Pray" 4'x2' Terra Cotta Tile, Low Temp Glaze, Plywood, Paint This piece was inspired from my work on the duplication¬†I did of a tile composition from the Dome of the Rock. In this new piece, I attempted to embrace not only the tiling technique utilized in traditional Islamic tiling, such as the use of… Continue reading Piece: I Pray

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Piece: Historical Replication Tile Project

Replication of a tile composition from the Dome of the Rock 20"x30" Terracotta, Glaze One of my favorite assignments this semester was to replicate a piece from history as closely as we could, in order to encompass new techniques and ideas into our work. The piece I chose was a beautiful tile composition from the… Continue reading Piece: Historical Replication Tile Project

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