Poem: For Tucker

Life goes on,

Don’t get me wrong.

But it is no where near

The same as it used to be.


That ice-cold day where four words

Left a harrowing crack

Through the center

Of everything I knew







A hand grabbed my arm

Then another,

And another

I could barely feel their touch


The words were bouncing

Echoing off the dim lit

Chapel ceiling

That groaned in the winter wind.


I hear them still, every day

For ever moment after that

A sliver of light was missing

From every ray of sun;


Every song

Was missing a note,

A smile, and a strum

Of your guitar.


Every stare into the eyes

Of your mother, father, sister, friend

Was missing that twinkle

That we had reflected from your own.


Life goes on,

Don’t get me wrong.

But we must keep you alive

In new ways that we must discover.


No matter how much

We want to relieve our hearts

Of those four echoing,

Shattering words,


We now must remember

How they’ve changed us

How you’ve changed us all;



Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 9.30.08 PM


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