Poem: Her

Her soft knock echoed

Through empty halls.

I opened the door.

She smiled sadly at me,

Shook off the rain,

And hugged me in greeting.


My arms rested at my sides

Unsure of how to respond

To her engulfing embrace.


She sits for a while.

It’s been a long time.

We small talk.


How are you, she asks,

And I say I’ve been better.

We’re silent.


She stayed for dinner.

But the sight of her

Took my hunger away.


Can I stay, she asks,

Just one night?

I do not know how to answer, so


She crawls into my sheets

Beside me, lingering

As my eyes close.


I’m startled in the night

When I awaken to discover

She is no longer beside me.


For on the nights

I lay so silent

Feeling most alone


Even Loneliness herself

Seems too busy

To lie with me till morning.


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