Piece: I Pray

“I Pray”


Terra Cotta Tile, Low Temp Glaze, Plywood, Paint

This piece was inspired from my work on the duplication I did of a tile composition from the Dome of the Rock.

In this new piece, I attempted to embrace not only the tiling technique utilized in traditional Islamic tiling, such as the use of intricate patterns, text, and bright colors, but also the thoughts about various religions that surfaced during the process of duplicating the historical piece.

“I Pray” combines religious texts and translations written in English, Hebrew, and Arabic, as well as incorporating many religious symbols, a theme of floral pattern and bright color, and also combines slip trailing, carving, glazing, woodwork, and the long and tedious (but gratifying) process of tile mounting!

It is hectic and busy. It combines many cultures, that are clashing and forced together. However, they all come from the same core, and are interconnected in ways that are often overlooked. Finally, the brain was left empty and in the dark, as we are often ignorant and absent minded of beliefs that are not our own.


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